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The Listing Post

The Listing Post standard real estate agent post features a 4"x4"x6' tall upright with a 2"x6"x40" long sign hanger arm that can by vinyl lettered for agents customizing. Constructed of rigid pvc and includes sign hanging eyelets.

The Angle Iron is our best selling exterior sign frame made from heavy-duty 1" flat steel iron really stands up to the elements. Its angled feet make it easy to push into the ground. Secure a rigid substrate to the frame using the four eye holes. Available in 18" x 24, 24" x 30" and 24" x 36".

The T-Stake allows you to attach practically any sized rigid substrate to the top bar using two screws. A great all-around solution to keep on hand for a variety of installs. 42" tall with a 3/8" diameter.



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