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Hanging Banner Frames - Overhead Tradeshow Displays

Quickly and easily make a round configuration by just snapping frame components together. Make banners of virtually any height and just slide them onto the fiberglass poles. Great for trade shows and retail displays.Skybox Stretch Fabric Hanging Banner Displays

The Skybox stretch fabric hanging banner can be seen from great distances making this sign a great choice for tradeshow events and in store P.O.P. displays. The stretch fabric pillow case graphic fits snugly over the banner frame for a compelling marketing display. Wrinkle free stretch fabric - 1 year warrenty on both frame and banner.

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Square hanging display
Triangle hanging display
Stretch fabris display

Fabric Display:

Printed on a stretch fabric material that zips around the frame for a taut, upscale appearance. The frame itself is made of strong aluminum and assembles easily without tools.

Spinning Motor for

Rotation Motor:

To attract even more attention to your hanging banner frame by setting it in motion with our heavy-duty spinning motor. The unit itself weighs 6.5 lbs. but can hold up to 100 lbs.

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