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Expanding Banner Frame - Telescopic Adjustable Banner Stand

The Exhibitor Expanding System telescopes both vertically and horizontally and features a connection system. Create banner displays, advertising towers, room dividers and even complete trade show booths.

  • Telescoping height from 36" to 96"
  • Telescoping width from 26" to 48"
  • Adjustment is a twist of the wrist

Heavy Duty Expanding is jumbo size and durable, great for vinyl banners.

  • Telescoping height from 36" to 96"
  • Telescoping width from 48" to 120"
  • Made of lightweight aluminum

The Exhibitor Lite (shown left) is designed for fabric banners and other lightweight substrates.

  • Telescoping height from 27" to 96"
  • Telescoping width from 57" to 96"

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Stack them side by side for addition depth and space!
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